Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Countdown - S'mores

3 days until Christmas . . .

This is a fun treat that can also be given as little gifts throughout the year. Halloween with ghosts or pumpkins, Easter with bunnies or chicks, or Christmas with trees and snowmen. If you want to make these into stocking stuffers you need to indivually bag or package these and tie them up with a cute ribbon. Quick. Simple. Fun.

I wrote these posts before December so at the time when I made these the Hershey bars were just that - Hershey bars.  Now that Christmas candy is out they have the individually wrapped Santa Hershey bars - I would use those for your baggies!  =D  

Christmas S'mores
Marshmallow Peep 
1 Graham Cracker
Hershey Chocolate Bar

DIRECTIONS: Arrange the s'more with a graham cracker and some chocolate . Put this stack on a plate and microwave for 25 seconds. Now add the marshmallow and microwave for 5 seconds. Do not take your eyes off of this, that marshmallow expands and will explode (or that's what I think will happen)!  Press on the last graham cracker and voila- a s'more. 

Tomorrow I will give you the recipe that I think Santa would love for you to leave out for him on Christmas Eve (and it's delicious too)!!

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