Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Countdown - Decorated Christmas Cookies

10 days until Christmas . . .

Happy Holidays everyone! I am going to do a daily post with pictures, recipes, or crafts to countdown to the final day - Christmas Day! I have had these ready to go since Thanksgiving so I am very excited to begin the countdown!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE Christmas. I love the cooler weather (hopefully - this is Texas,) the smell of fireplaces, the lit Christmas tree, the lights on the house, my holiday dishes, and oh - the cookies and sweets! It's a warmer, happier feeling than any other time of the year and I just can't get enough. I try and wait until the day after Thanksgiving before I start decorating (or writing Christmas blog posts,) but sometimes the wait is too much. This year the tree and house lights went up the Friday after Thanksgiving.

For today's post I baked and decorated some cookies.  The poinsettia cookie and one of the snowy Christmas trees are probably my favorite cookies in this batch!!  I hope everyone has a tree they put up, presents they put under it, and hopefully lights on the house and if you have snow - I am so jealous! 

Enjoy the cookies and only 10 days left until Christmas! Tomorrow I will show you how to make spiral Christmas cookies!

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