Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Butter Cream Frosting Christmas Cookies

Hi World!  I am back, it may be fleeting, but I am here for now!  I feel like I have been away forever, when in reality it's only been a year.  Wow, a whole year!  I have taken a mild hiatus because Husband and I have been up to our elbows in babies, diapers, and laundry the past year. My two little ones will be one in a month!  Baby Girl is beautiful with strawberry hair and bright blue eyes; she is too smart for her own good and gets into everything, but is easily forgiven with a quick look at her toothy smile!  Baby Boy has dark hair and brownish green eyes, just like his mama, with a bashfully shy smile and has been trademarked by his "zombie" crawl.  Life is finally settling down and I wanted to practice baking again before their first birthday!

I made some cookies, but frosted them in a different, easier way than I normally do!  In about 2 hours I had 36 poinsettias and 36 Christmas Trees baked, frosted, and my kitchen cleaned. It worked out well and was a great way to make my way back in.  These are my regular sugar cookies with butter cream frosting. I made them to hand out to my awesome, amazing neighbors all over my neighborhood. I packaged up 10 little boxes of cookies and gave them out. These are some of my favorite cookies and I just love them with the butter cream.  If only they were a bit more sturdy and could be wrapped and given out as favors!  

I forgot how much I like baking until I was rolling out my dough and flour was, inevitably, all over me!  The oven was heating and it was a cool night, so it felt nice and the house smelled like warm sugar cookies.  

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Temporarily Not Taking Cookie Orders

I am sorry for my blogging absence the past couple of months.  Husband and I found out in June that I was pregnant and then a few weeks later found out it was twins.  I haven't been baking the past couple of months and with newborn twins  at home, I have decided to close up shop for now.  

I apologize for any inconvenience!

*Christine *