Thursday, December 16, 2010

Google Challenge

Challenge: On Dec 16th send us (Google Nexus) a pic of your best gingerbread creation.

12/21/10 Update: We didn't win. =(
Here are the winners:
Husband wanted to do this challenge and tweet a pic to them of our "gingerbread creation." He wanted to do something original and settled on re-creating the Android sculptures on the Google campus, out of gingerbread. He drew out all of the shapes by hand and then cut them. Sunday night, Husband and I both made the dough and stuck it in the fridge for the next day! I cut the dough with the shapes he made and baked the cookies Monday night and frosted some of them and finished Tuesday evening! Below are the actual sculptures in the display we sent in! Yes, he's a geek and yes, I am a geek's wife who is willing to make these for him! =D

The real thing... We tried to proportion everything, but the gingerbread man is never in the same pic with the others, so we don't know just how big he actually is .
Our printed background and strategically placed gingerbread cookies! ;-)
Donut...Andy the Android (with his Nexus One)... Cupcake...Eclair...Froyo...Gingerbread