Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Cookie Assortment

I am very excited to post my Christmas cookies for this year!  I haven't made my regular Christmas cookies in years. Three to be exact. To say I was ready to make them again is an understatement and boy did I go overboard this year!  I have made and frosted 8 dozen Christmas cookies over the last couple of weeks.  Three dozen are for a customer order and the rest are for cookie gifts as well as cookies to bring to my family Christmas. 

When I have this many cookies to bake it takes some intense planning. I write down how many cookies I need, how many of each design I will have (usually in dozen increments for simplicity), and then I draw what the designs will be and what colors I will use.  This helps me plan and organize and save on frosting! It's amazing how much frosting I saved this year with a little planning!  By the end my hand was hurting so badly that I could barely pipe, haha!

I wanted to try a few different cookies this year and I am so pleased with how most of them turned out!  

Everyone loves the commercial side of Christmas! Christmas trees, snowmen, santa, etc., but this year I wanted to make a few cookies that represent the real meaning of Christmas - Jesus!  I love these nativity scene cookies and am sure I could make them even better next year!

But everyone loves Santa and Rudolph!!

I always make snowmen of some kind, but wanted to do something a little different. I love their hats!

The  tree is one of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas, so naturally a tree couldn't be left out! I decided to go with a lightly decorated and snowy look this year! 

While I didn't put ornaments on a tree, I couldn't leave them out all together! These are actually some of my favorites!

A few different types of snowflakes. I live in Texas, these are the snowflakes I see!

And lastly, polar bears! I really wanted to get a bit more creative with these, but it just wasn't in me by the end! I was completely finished with all of my other cookies and these were the only ones left, so at midnight Friday night I piped some simple polar bears and that was it!  I think they turned out pretty cute! Maybe next year I will make my coca cola polar bears!

The cookies from the order were all individually heat sealed, packaged and ready to go! I set aside 18 cookies for my family and the rest were handed out to friends and neighbors. I also made some white chocolate drizzled pretzels to go with the cookies and we handed them out Sunday evening!


  1. I am speechless!! (I know hard to believe) These are so absolutely awesome!! Each one became my favorite as I scrolled through!! LOVE THEM!!! ♥

  2. Your cookies are gorgeous, the detail is amazing!