Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hook 'em

While I was making some cookies for Sister to give out, I made some for her. I have been wanting to make her these for awhile and what better time than when I already have a ton of orange frosting?! Of course, I do not have a "hook 'em" cookie cutter, so I cut these out with a knife! I think they turned out great! I might try to do a gig 'em next time!


  1. Hook 'Em! i love these! Where did you get that cookie cutter, I have been looking for one everywhere? great blog

  2. i was looking for this type of a cookie for my son's graduation this past weekend. do you take orders? i know it's too late now.

  3. Where did you get this cookie cutter? I like the way this looks so much more than the ones I have seen.

    1. Thank you! I actually hand cut these by tracing my own hand to make the template on a manila folder (it's sturdier than just paper for tracing).