Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vanilla Jello Cupcakes

These are heavenly! This is easily, one of my favorite desserts. I have normally found this recipe only with cakes, but I am a cupcake person and so I improvised. So here we go! Unfortunately, I was a little scattered-brained when I made these because I kept forgetting to take pictures and then never got a final picture. I am so sorry! You will have to use your imagination!

Vanilla Jello Cupcakes
1 3 oz box of (insert flavor here) Jello
1 cup boiling water
Favorite vanilla cake recipe or box mix
Tub of Cool Whip

1. Cook the cake or cupcakes per your directions. Let cool.
2. Take a fork and stab deep into the cupcakes, a few times in a few different places. In the picture you will see a stick, but a fork works much better!
3. Mix 1 cup of boiling water with Jello packet. Carefully spoon over each cupcake. WARNING: This step is a complete mess!! ( Now I see why people usually do cakes. ) I put my cupcakes on a cookie sheet with a lip to avoid further, yet inevitable, spillage.
4. Allow them to chill in the fridge over night. (Store in fridge when finished.)
5. Spread on the cool whip!
(When I make them again, which I am sure will be soon, I will post a picture from that batch).


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